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  So...What is this Babouche ?

Babouche are Moroccan Hand-Made, Hand-Dyed, Leather Shoes and Slippers.
Babouche are a wonderful example of designer imagination, workmanship, and most importantly,
the demonstration of a skill that is passed down through generations - truly works of art. 

Men wear them, women wear them, children wear them. 
They are often very simple in design or intricate. Some even have sequins.
Some have small heels but most are flat soled. 

The traditional Babouche is flat-soled, pointed toe, folded-heel, and is plain, embroidered, or has a button decorated top.
Any color you can imagine -  you can find on a pair of Babouche !

So, we invite you to stroll through the store and see if any Babouche strikes your fancy.
Remember there is " More " ( as in Babouche & More ) for you to peruse.

Take your time, take a look.
If you have any questions just use the contact tab and send us your comments or questions.  

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