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  So...What is this Sabra Silk ?

Sabra Silk is hand loomed in Morocco from  a natural vegetable fiber and dyed with vegetable dye

The fibers are harvested from a cacti found in the Sahara Desert

Large pieces are woven on looms (see below) while smaller pieces like scarves are woven on smaller looms.

The stripes of some of the silks alternate with camel's wool - taken from the caravans of camels from the Sahara.
 Some have Chenille, and a weft cotton yarn in a contrasting color which enhances its amazingly vibrant, almost metallic shine.

We invite you to stroll through the store and see if any Sabra Silk items strike your fancy.
Remember there is " More " ( as in Babouche & More ) for you to peruse.

Take your time, take a look.
If you have any questions just use the contact tab and send us your comments or questions.  

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