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Merhba means welcome.

Many people have asked me questions about Morocco so I thought I'd answer a few here on this page. 
If you have a question that you don't see here use the contact page to ask ! 

Q: Is your merchandise really from Morocco ?
A: Yes, it is !

Q: Is Morocco a country ?
A: Yes, Morocco is a country located ON the continent of Africa. North Africa to be exact.

Q: Are the Babouche really hand made ?
A: Yes. Authentic Babouche are made by craftsman and artisans. They are made the way they made them centuries (yes, centuries) ago.

Moroccan man making Babouche

Q: Is the leather really hand dyed ?
A: Yes. Fez is noted for it's dying pits where leather is dyed the way it's been dyed for centuries (yes, centuries).

Dye pits of Fez

Q: Is it really hot in Morocco ?
A: Yes, it can get rather toasty in the summer; around 100 degrees - but no humidity !

Q: Do they speak English there ?
A: Yes they do, but the main languages are Moroccan Arabic, Berber, and French.

Q: How long does it take to get there ?
A: About 24 hours as the crow flies.
Q: What kind of Cacti in the Sahara are those Sabra items made from ?
A: This kind:

Sahara Desert Cacti
Q: Are the leather bags really good ?
A: Of course they are. Moroccans have been working with all kinds of leather for centuries (yes, centuries).

Q: Do goats really climb trees in Morocco ?
A: Why yes they do !  The Tamri goats are very fond of Argan berries which grow on the Argan ( as in Argan Oil ) trees in Morocco, more specifically around the Essaouria area. It is not uncommon on the drive from Marrakesh to Agadir to see this sight :
Photo by Kristel Van Loock, Copyright © 2011
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